Big Fish spiega i vantaggi del cloud per il casual gaming

Big Fish spiega i vantaggi del cloud per il casual gaming

Big Fish Instant Games è un nuovo servizio di cloud gaming già disponibile nel Nord America e in arrivo in Europa. L'ambiziosa società di Seattle si è prefissata l'obiettivo di diventare un nuovo punto di riferimento per il crescente pubblico dei casual game. L'articolo comprende l'intervista a Will O’Brien, Vice Presidente di Big Fish.

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Interview (English)

Gamemag: Hi Will, my first question is on your opinion about cloud gaming. Do you think it could become the definitive platform for gaming?

Will O'Brien: Cloud gaming is a great way to extend the distribution of games. Our customers love our games and increasingly want to be able to play cross-platform. Cloud gaming allows us to bring our catalog to a wide variety of devices, across PC, Smartphone, tablet and connected TV.

Big Fish Games

Gamemag: Can you describe what Big Fish Instant Games is and what its main features are?

Will O'Brien: Big Fish Instant Games is a cloud gaming service with instant streaming access to hundreds of the best casual games. Think Netflix for games. Subscribers to the service can play more than 250 games in the catalog, and a new game is added every day. Customers can stream to PC, mobile devices including Smartphones and tablets, and TVs connected via Roku streaming players.

Gamemag: When will Big Fish Instant Games be released in Europe?

Will O'Brien: We don’t have anything to announce at this time.

Big Fish Games

Gamemag: Can you tell us about the Big Fish Instant Games offer? Are those games more suitable for the occasional player or can they intrigue even the most expert hard-gamer?

Will O'Brien: Big Fish is the world’s largest producer of casual games. All of our games are easy to pick up and play, and many include puzzles that both challenge the mind and entertain the player. The most popular genres include Hidden Object, Puzzle Adventure, Time Management, Match 3, Card & Board, Strategy, Marble Popper, and Family.

Gamemag: Can you briefly describe the games that you consider the most interesting ones on Big Fish Instant Games?

Will O'Brien: Big Fish Instant Games has a wide selection of games from Big Fish’s world leading catalog, including games from all of our popular genres, as well as games from Big Fish Studios. These games include such popular games as Big Fish's Mystery Case Files franchise, which has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

Gamemag: You might know that Italy has infrastructural limits in regards to broadband connections. What I mean is that in most cases our Internet connections aren’t competitive in terms of speed and are not suitable to manage the huge amount of data that cloud gaming implies. What can you tell us about these structural issues? Is there a way to elude this problem?

Will O'Brien: Streaming core games, such as first-person shooters, requires a high-speed connection and low latency. Because Big Fish only streams casual games, we are able to reach anyone who has a home broadband connection of at least 1.5 Mbps. This makes Big Fish Instant Games a mainstream service.

Big Fish Games

Gamemag: Sony bought Gaikai, an important player on the cloud gaming market, and Microsoft will be investing on its network to improve game performances. What do you think about Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

Will O'Brien: We think it’s very exciting that the major console makers are embracing cloud gaming, and we are delighted to be working closely with Microsoft on Big Fish Instant Games. Earlier this year, Big Fish announced that Microsoft plans to publish Big Fish Instant Games for Windows 8.

Gamemag: Personally I have always dreamed of playing in mobility, through a device of augmented reality as Google Glass, with graphically complex games, for which the graphics were processed in the cloud and then sent to the terminal. Do you think that sooner or later this will become possible?

Will O'Brien: The rapid evolution in the games industry shows us that truly anything is possible.
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